Working from Los Angeles, Paul Jonason Photography Handles Architectural Photography and interior design projects both large and small. Local, national, and international projects for architects, interior designers, builders, and high end real estate for advertising are all handled with the same professional approach with an eye for great lighting and composition, that is a trademark at Paul Jonason Photography for 18 years.

Trained by his father Arthur Jonason in portrait photography and fine art black and white Printing, these photo skills are used for fashion, portraits, headshots, andprint work for Models and actors. Also for clients seeking an artistic approach to capturing their image. Traditional photography like black and white hand tinting is offered along with high Resolution digital direct photography and fine art Giclee printing done on site.

High resolution digital photography is the perfect solution for many clients as the images are reviewed instantly on the computer screen. Time is saved as there is no need to scan images as they are processed into a digital file ready for the Internet, brochure, magazine production, or immediate printing or proofing in the studio. The digital camera has proven itself on location and in the studio for photography of people, architecture, interiors, products, food, restaurants, health spas, and for the copy of paintings for artists.

Many fine art and travel images are displayed and offered for sale on thissite. Images from Death Valley, Joshua Tree, The Amazon, Macchu Picchu, and many other locations are included. Photos taken in "The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest" are shown from a collection of image taken and also used to create a new poster for the U.S. Forest Service the sales of which benefit the protectionof these ancient tress known to be the Oldest in the world.

Two separate trips to the Amazon of Peru show colorful images of life alongthe river, the home of Peruvian artist Francisco Grippa, and the unusual architecture of the Amazon city of Iquitos, Peru