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Small Cars Of Amsterdam

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Last year in Europe, I was fascinated by the tiny cars of Amsterdam and Europe in general. Having a need for more compact cars and high gas prices has led to the development of many cars you would never see in this country. Germany and Belgium have their share of small cars and vehicles as well. Cool little compact Mercedes cruise the city and country alike.

Some of these cars are so small many them are allowed to park on the sidewalk like a Motor Scooter or bicycle. This is very handy if you have a business in the city where parking permits are granted only after a long waiting period. Many of these Smaller cars like the Canta LX are not allowed outside the city on open roads or highways. They can however park next you on a ferry ride across the harbor. They pull on, park, and wait with all the foot traffic and bicycles to go their way!

Even with the collection of tiny cars, I threw in a couple of my unique favorite monsters as well to round it out!

Architecture of Amsterdam, Holland

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Well it is almost Amsterdam! These gorgeous pieces of architecture are located in North Amsterdam, Holland, across the harbor near Purmerend. As an architectural Photographer I found it impossible not to shoot on my off time in Europe. Well it is not really working is it? I find it fascinating to see how people live in other countries and made a serious effort to add new, stunning images to my collection. These commercial buildings and residential homes both modest and grand were all in the same small neighborhood. The neighborhood is protected from the heavy traffic of Amsterdam by a small gate on a bridge that closes around 4:30 pm and only allows foot traffic, bicycles, and scooters to cross.

If you are lucky in Holland, your property is located on a canal of which many are. This gives you instant access to kayaking through the countryside, or ice skating in the winter. Stop at a small hidden cafe along the way for Pannenkoeken and Espresso, or some of the best Dutch cheese in the world.

Ok sorry, back to business. The photographs contained show some of the coolest homes I have seen, so I will let the images speak for themselves. Some these images look artificially lit, but I guarantee they were not. The stunning natural quality of light happened at around 4 pm Holland time and was captured using only my camera, tripod, and polarizing filter. Of course the visual passion I felt looking at this architecture did not hurt! Did I mention I love my Job?

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